Recreation Authority Scope of Work

Outline to provide a process and time-table for moving towards the establishment of a Recreation Authority comprised of communities within Manistee County.

  • County-wide Trail Committee Representative Review of “Draft Articles of Incorporation” (August-September)
    • A Draft “Articles of Incorporation” was provided to all committee members. Language in the draft is being critiqued to identify immediate issues and pitfalls.
    • Comments are to be provided to the County Planner at the September 11th Trail meeting.
  • Recreation Authority Individual Local Units Discussions (September-October)
    • Meet with interested local units of government about the formation of a recreation authority. Present facts and information about authorities.
  • Convene a joint meeting of interested Local Units of Government (November-December)
    • Call a meeting of all interested local units of government to discuss the formation of a recreational authority. Present the “Draft Articles of Incorporation” with edits made, and provide a list of all comments from the committee review.
    • Begin an open dialogue about an Authority and the language within the “Draft Articles of Incorporation”.
    • Ask all present to please review the edited “Draft Articles of Incorporation” and provide further critique as necessary.
    • Receive all comments on “Draft Articles of Incorporation” compile all comments and perform edits.
    • Produce an updated “Draft Articles of Incorporation” that would be ready for legal review.
  • Have an attorney review the “Draft Articles of Incorporation” (Jan.-February 2018)
    • Receive legal comments and prepare a memo to be dispersed to all local units of government whom are participating in the formation of an authority.
  • Convene a second joint meeting for those interested in formation of a Recreation Authority. (March 2018)
    • Discuss the legally reviewed “Articles of Incorporation” and discuss adoption proceedings for each local unit of government.
    • Set meeting dates for public presentations concerning the formation of a Recreation Authority.
  • Hold public meetings to receive input on the likely formation of a Recreation Authority (April-May 2018)
    • Hold public meetings in the communities which will be participants in the Recreation Authority.
    • Discuss the purpose of the Authority and the protections for the local units of government through Township Board and City/Village Council actions as outlined in the Articles of Incorporation.
  • Local Units of Government Adoption proceedings (May-June 2018)
    • Legally advertise meetings for adoption proceedings of Article of Incorporation
    • Hold meetings and adopt Articles of Incorporation
  • File Articles of Incorporation with the State of Michigan (June-July 2018)
    • Formation of the Recreation Authority is complete.

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