Tim Phillips
LMWCC president
The Little Manistee Watershed Conservation Council (LMWCC) is kicking off 2018 and needs your help. As the LMWCC moves forward with the creation of their Watershed Management Plan, they need public feedback to incorporate into the plan.
At a recent public meeting on Jan. 23, several reports and tests were presented regarding the current and past water quality throughout the watershed. Overall, the watershed is reporting very well, but there are areas of concern regarding the removal of native vegetation and its effects on erosion within the watershed.
Now, the LMWCC needs feedback about the public’s uses of and goals for protecting the watershed as they finalize their plan. The survey is open to anyone who lives in, near or has visited the Little Manistee Watershed. The survey is designed to take under 10 minutes and can be found by clicking the link below.
Are you looking for additional ways to support the LMWCC? They offer annual memberships and newsletters with up-to-date information on their activities at:
The LMWCC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that works to protect and preserve the Little Manistee Watershed. More information can be found at