The Little Manistee River Watershed Steering Committee is seeking additional public comment on a draft version of the Little Manistee River Watershed Management Plan at two informational and educational public meetings to be held May 24 and June 7.

The draft plan has been prepared by Networks Northwest and developed through a series of public meetings over the past year. The draft plan, as well as a public survey, is available at

“Our hope is to hear from all stakeholders, including landowners, business owners, residents, visitors, and other parties with an interest in the Little Manistee River Watershed,” said Armas Soorus, Little Manistee Watershed Conservation Council trustee. “Public input plays a critical role in the process of developing a plan that meets the needs and desires of those who live in the watershed while managing the wise use of the natural, cultural, historical, social and economic resources of the watershed.”

To date, over 125 local governments, agencies, organizations, and individuals have signed a partnership agreement supporting the development of a watershed plan through an open, public process.

The next public meetings will be held May 24 from 6 to 8 PM at the Luther Lions Club at 1003 N. State Street in Luther and June 7 from 6 to 8 PM at the Manistee Intermediate School District (ISD) at 772 E. Parkdale Ave., Manistee in Conference Room A and B.

We ask that all stakeholders take a public survey available on the website (direct link: Additional input beyond the survey or other requests (to volunteer, be added to an email list or attend future working meetings) can be sent to  To view the draft plan follow this link review plan here. Read more…